Fix Co Op for 2023 Please


Just wanted to bring co-op back to the forefront as this topic on the forum seems to be completely dead. SDS had a great thing in the making with co-op and it was a fun mode, but the execution was so poor.

I decided to jump on with friends last night, and unfortunately we are still dealing with the EXACT SAME ISSUES WE HAVE HAD ON THE FIRST DAY!!!!!!! Random mid game freezes pretty much every other game in co-op is still a regular occurrence as it was when the game was new, and SDS claimed those issues were patched. Not sure how this is still a major issue that makes co-op borderline unplayable all the way in January, but it seems like they let the mode die. I am sure a lot of people stopped playing co-op in September or so due to all the issues, but I hope SDS does not think it is disliked or unpopular. People stopped playing because the mode was broken.

Along with that, make worthwhile rewards for next year, that could be similar to event rewards. Making it worth playing will make people want to play.

I look forward to MLB 2023, but I hope the bugs are fixed and that they are much more transparent with the fans. 2022 had more bugs than any other mlb game, and that is unacceptable.


Need to make it back to nine innings also this not softball what SDS doing


I like this mode but almost everyone I play with has it on timing and want to play on rookie or veteran which makes for an unpleasant experience.