May as well play every hexagon


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I will say this map has been a lot tougher than that easy ole Kraken map. A lot of those games can be played on Vet. So far only All Star available on Central map. Now I only play on All Star when I play conquest, but still. I noticed this for sure. Mainly how hard to sim it is.

Did you have a hard time with the Eastern map?
I am speaking about the CPU’s ability to win simulations, even if it is clearly in your favor.

I usually play very conservatively. I probably could finish much quicker, but I played a ton of risk on the PS2 and got used to the AI taking out 20 troops with just 3 troops, so I generally don't sim unless I have a minimum of 15 more fans than the spot I am attacking.

Sometimes if I am getting a lot more fans than the team I am about to start fighting for space over I might actually not attack at all for one turn to ensure my perimeter is strong enough to handle an extremely aggressive AI.

That's the one thing about conquest I like the most. I don't have to race across the board. If I ever get good enough to beat all star more consistently I will consider moving more quickly, but I am trying to teach myself to do less since I am so awful at hitting.


What platform are you playing on. Im on PS5 and I did not see anything out of the ordinary with simming or getting attacked by the CPU. If the CPU has more than 4 they will auto attack your 1. Simming games has always been dicey. But I feel like if you cut the team off from their stronghold it does not matter how many are on the other squares you will lose far less fans when simming those.