Does Power even matter?


My left fielder is in the Slugging Sparkplug archetype. My guy is up to 102 Power with equip/perks/training and is stuck at 12 HR into July. Meanwhile, I'm watching guys with ~60 Power hit homeruns over my head. I'm thinking anything in the middle of my reticle hit with good contact should be gone every time, but it almost always is a flyout - regular or power swing, doesn't matter. I have hit homeruns on worse contact before.

Am I missing something here? Seems to be rigged somehow.


Slumps are forced in the game. Also note that the other team's results are basically simmed out and you are only seeing the game until your turn to do something comes up. You can try doing things a little differently and that can sometimes shorten the slump, and if you get frustrated and tinker too much lengthen them out.

As someone who gets frustrated very easily and vents a little too much on these forums all you can do is play your game as best as you can.


To hit some point being made in this thread:

  1. Power matters. The best "demonstration" I have of this is my current power/contact 1B. As a bronze (low power) he hit a ton of gap doubles or flew out. As soon as he hit silver, and he got a "massive" power boost (from getting silver card and another power booster in the mini-diamonds) he spent some time hitting "over the outfielder's heads" (at least until they started playing me deep and they started turning into warning-track catches) and the HRs started really popping.

  2. I don't think "slumps" are built into the game. One of my characters, all of them on beginner/default sliders, has a 100+ game hitting streak...

  3. I have "anecdotal" evidence that pitcher stats are factored into the game. To wit, there are some pitchers (if I'm right, those with high HR/9 stats causing more hits to "stay in the ballpark" and/or high groundball rates), and others that if I compiled all my characters I probably have an .800 HR average against.
    Which is the other reason why I don't think slumps are built into the game - I practice the old adage of "adapt to what you're facing" - with slight variances in my timing, the "groundball / no homer" guys I'll bang a 3 doubles in the gap night off of, and when I "mistime" them with a HR swing, I tend to "pop/line out". Then there's the ones where I lock onto my "homer timing" and watch a ton fly out...