So This is my second year ever playing mlb the show, I had Xbox all my life and with it recently coming to Xbox and me playing college baseball I took a look at it. Having a next gen console as well as a monitor has helped me stay consistent and gotten to the point where I’ve bettered my play. I’m currently sitting top 40 in World Series division and I was wondering what all the World Series ring icons are for I know the World Series ring icon 1 is for top 50 but what do 2-8 World Series rings represent, like top 25 and top ten. The second topic is that even with last years freezes and disconnects as well as plenty of server issues why is it still more often than not that this game has issues with freezes and disconnects, it’s really not a good feeling losing 20 points in ranked seasons game before you can even hop in the game. It’s hard enough as it is when playing at such a high level due to the matchmaking basically only finding matches with higher rated opponents but you have to worry about their server disconnecting you or even the game crashing and losing points from that manner too. I’ve had three days in a row where I get disconnected one of the first matches of the day in ranked seasons and lose 15 to 20 points. At this point I’m prepared an have tried measures such as restarting the console before games as well as trying other consoles but something just isn’t right.