So the new props are pretty cool, and I'm so glad they added some new buildings, the berms are awesome to work with, and the bodies of water are awesome too. That being said, I'm kinda hoping they add the following:

1- More batter's eye options, or lose them altogether and allow us to make our own. Pretty sure 99.9% of us wouldn't make stupid coloured batter's eye.
1B) Allow us to snap seats to the batter's eye to create that smooth look.

2- More seating options. By that I mean add the angled seats for corners(think old Miami style), very few stadiums have the rounded corners anymore.

3- The ability to adjust the size of foul territory/angles of fences. Right now we're stuck with the super bland jewel box design...nothing that makes it feel unique...which leads me into my ext request:

4- PLEASE SDS, let us move the bullpens. It doesnt even need to be "custom" per se, something like this even if it's for next year:
Outfield Dimension Style: Toronto
Foul Territory Style: Kansas City
Bullpen Placement: Statesman Park
Seating Style Lower: Toronto
Seating Style Suite: Chicago AL
Seating Style Upper: Old Miami.

Then from there we can place and fine tune the seating locations to our own specifications.

What do you guys think?