Created Stadium Suddenly Spiked to 119%


Anyone else run into this? I have updated my same created stadium since launch, everything has been fine. I always would end up saving my most up to date version at approx 95-99%. (The percentage signifying that you are almost out of space to add any new details to your stadium.)

Then, I'd say around 2 or 3 weeks ago I opened up my stadium to make some edits, and it said that it was 119% full. I've been doing some tests to see if this was a bug/etc. & it actually will still let me EXPORT the stadium att 119% but I cant move anything around, I cant add anything new...heck, even when I delete almost half of the things in it, the percentage barely sneaks down to around 117%.

I'm pretty happy with my final product, so this wasn't too soul crushing...but I can't seem to make sense of it, outside of it being a bug?

Or maybe one of the newer updates to the game made some of the items in my stadium render in a higher quality/items costing a higher percentage?

Anyway, thanks!


There was a patch released a month or so ago that fixed a few things; however, it also resulted in stadiums consuming more space. So, if you saved a stadium pre-patch it might be say 95% and then if you open it post-patch the storage will go up to say 115%.

Because the storage for that stadium is over 100% it won't let you edit anything or add anything. You have to delete things to eventually get the storage % down below 100% before you can edit or add anything.