MTO World Series close calls


So here you are playing with your favorite team on dynamic difficulty having an amazing time, while grinding out affinity points for that coveted FOTF card that will boost up your team on DD. You breeze by the regular season just mashing homeruns and making your pitching staff look like a bunch of ties for the Cy Young award. Then comes the playoffs anddd.. BOOM here comes the difficulty more than likely on HOF+ or Legend by this point and the game is putting you in situations that are 5-0 or 6-0 expecting a major comeback.

Alas, some games you do end up winning and some losing due to the massive rise in difficulty, however it is satisfying and rewarding when you overcome the odds. But, after researching on forums and community feedback that the difference in affinity points was very minimal. To my dismay, I lowered the difficulty and ended up winning the world series and 12 affinity points on beginner.

In the end of this mass text I'm sure a lot of you skipped to the end I say, no thanks to impossible odds, ridiculous perfect/perfect swings only to line out, and giving up homeruns to players with 34 power. Yes, I played with the Yankees as they are my favorite team and I got both that world series trophy and that FOTF Gleyber that I cant wait to try out.

So tell me what are your stories.


I haven’t had any playoff games where I was down 4 runs. The most was 2. That’s pretty crazy. In the runs I’ve done though, I’ve found after those games, I usually start the next game up by a few. I haven’t had any close calls yet (done 3), but it seems there is no winning with dynamic difficulty.