Obviously we all know the issues getting in the game and the freezing or disconnect/freezing in game. Quiting is also a problem but not SDS fault per say. Although if one quits no reason the teammate can't take over or have the CPU take over.

Huge problem with pitchers coming in with half stamina. Happens all the time. This needs to be addressed. Ruins the immersion when you lose your starting picther after the 2nd inning. My guess is the coding doesn't show your pitcher is fatigued like it does in online rated or DD from the last game but shows a full bar . Then you get in game and it shows up.

Please make it so you can't play the same team! We finally get in and it's the same team. No way we are playing that.

Also we need a friends vs friends option and a friends vs CPU option. This would certainly cut down on quits with people you know and be guaranteed vs CPU.

Once you guys iron this out it needs a ranked version which would also cut down on quits.

This game also needs to cut down on pausing. It just sucks the life out of the game. Make it so we can look up line ups and pitchers without pausing. Make drop down menu that fades away that opponent doesn't see.

The mode is awesome when it works. Please take these suggestions into consideration .