MTO isn't really that bad, but it can be BETTER


I really hated MTO the 1st year it was launched. But over these last 2 years it sort of been growing on me & to the point that this year I must say & admit I do like like MTO very much. Mostly due to the changes made to improve the mode & as well due to how much XP you can easily grind out over & over towards the main Program. since SDS is implementing that as an option with how to gain XP, being that SDS really wants more of us to play MTO & this is their sure way of doing that with most of us.

Many of you probably have not realized that you are cheating yourself out of tons of per game XP earned if you make yourself get outs once you have a 1 to 3 run lead. I play on Beginner purposely, so within the 1 to 4 innings my team goes to bat, I could get as many Hits, Doubles, Triples, Homers, Stolen Bases & Runs Scored as I possibly can. Beating the CPU by 10 Runs to as much as 20 to 25 Runs. Not only will you get that 1 extra momentum for a having a "Blow Out Win", but you also earn anywhere from 2,000 XP to 3,500 XP just from that 1 single game played within 1 to 4 innings only. Doing that 10 times is easily 20,000 XP to 35,000 XP apart for the XP rewards at All Star Break, getting to play off's, winning 1st round, winning 2nd round & as well winning WS.

MTO was designed for key games & moments thru out the season that can actually impact a winning streak, ending a losing streak, protecting position place within the standings or taking over a position place within the standing, joining the Elite with pitching a Perfect game or No Hitter, Etc, Etc. All of that is pretty cool. So playing 24 times thru out a season is better then having to play out the full 162 games.

HOWEVER ..... I do feel the games chosen to be played were full 9 inning games, rather then coming into a game already in progress within the 6th Inning or later. This helps when you want to play MTO on All-Star, HOF or even Legend to have more of a challenge, but not be so handicapped coming into a game when you are down by 2 to 3 runs or having to come in pitching with runners already on base. That outcome should not pre-planned or pre-arranged. The game should start from 1st inning & it will be either you or the PC that wins at the end of 9 innings (or extra innings if tied).

Would would be nice as well if once a month, every month you can choose 1 player to bring up & 1 to send down of YOUR OWN CHOICE & "NOT" by who the PC randomly selects as a choice. The same with being able to "Fast Track" a player within the minors. That should be once a month, every month from April to August. But it as well being which minor league player YOU CHOOSE to Fast Track & "NOT" who the PC chooses randomly for us.

Lastly is Off-Season tweaking. I really do like how they added the Off-Season & being able to play multiple seasons. How you gain a players interest & make them offers I feel is good. However what I do NOT like is that any players I had on my team that were at the end of their contract were automatically Free Agents. I never had that time period to deal with them exclusively to see if they would re-sign with me & not become Free Agents. Also with player that are ARB eligible. I should be able to choose if I want to offer them a contract or if I want to go to ARB with them to see if I win/loss the ARB.

All this will bring more of the feel of Franchise within MTO & how it can really impact the following season play of MTO either for better or worse pending how all you transactions went with Trades, Call Ups, ARB court negotiations & Free Agents signing & as well staying within your team budget.


all great points @TonyTheTiger2k16. Below are my additions...

It would be nice to have the ability to conduct trades during the off season. Def need the ability to resign players or give contract extensions prior to free agency / off season.

When a trade occurs, allow me to reconfigure my roster/lineup w/ my own call ups and downs...this is currently controlled by the CPU..and I've situations where they send someone down that I didn't want them too to accommodate the traded player.

Momentum needs to be reworked...especially in the playoffs. I've had instances where I've had max momentum but enter games down 2-3 runs in the 6th. Seems like momentum doesn't matter in the playoffs. maybe give player attribute or pitcher confidence boosts? Playoffs games should either start in the 4th instead of 6th inning.

Speaking of roster/lineup set up...allow for me to setup my lineup prior to each game (more specifically playoffs games)...then sim to the 6th inning. Helps for more game to game strategy.

Would be nice to have an option to either start in 6th or earlier in opportunities.

Please turn off the penalty for dashboard or reset penalty count after the start of new (consecutive) MTO season. I understand why it is people don't game the system to maximize points/opporutnites throughout the MTO season...but it's a little dumb all things considering. Also the main reason I see this as an issue is b/c there is currently a bug/issue where the game will dashboard (close) during the loading screen. This counts as towards a penalty...and by mid 2nd or 3rd consecutive MTO season I'm reached the penalty limit and no longer eligible for XP points anymore. at that point it's no longer fun (or point) to play back to back MTO seasons.