A Suggestion That Will Have All Types of Leveled Players Be Happy.


Only within Ranked can you adjust the slider with the ranking of player you are matched with. Even if kept at the minimum to the far left & you you win enough games & go up to RS, PR & even WC, eventually you will you start to be matched with better players no matter what. many who had just recently dropped down momentarily from PS & WS. Not to mention the difficulty of play getting to All-Star level & Legend in PS & WS. This has many of us give up on attempting to play Ranked or even BR & Events when there is no control at all who you are matched up against.

On the flip side many of the advance gamers complaining about being matched against those that use Directional or Timing hitting or using Classic Pitching. These advanced gamers feeling that who they play should be using same hitting/pitching format as they do so that the game is more equally balanced & competitive.

I myself use Directional Hitting & Classic Pitching. many who use Zone or Analog for hitting or uses Meter, Pulse or Pinpoint for Pitching feel I have an advantage for using an easier mode. However I have a great disadvantage. Classic Pitching provides no Control what so ever. I Could target any kind of to be dead center in the zone & the pitch will go elsewhere randomly every time now where near where I wanted it to go. Hitting with directional ONLY makes it easier in the sense I dont have to rely on moving the PCI or having precise flicking with Analog. However most times then not contact made is not always good productive contact. No control if it's up or down, even if I'm pointing up to induce a fly ball or pointing down to induce a ground ball, Even with a Perfect, that Perfect just means my timing was on point, but where & how the pitch was hit is something totally different. Online most of my Pefect's end up being hit directly to either an Infielder or Outfielder. Not like Zone when the PCI is properly placed & timed giving solid dead on sweet spot barrel contact.

However this is nether here or there. I was just stating the fact that these are not good Hitting/Pitching formats to use online.

My actual suggestion is Ranked, BR & Events each have 3 options to enter. Once entered it can "NOT" be changed for the entire duration of that current Ranked Season until it expires or that current Event until it expires or for that current single BR entry paid for because the entry is being paid for in stubs.

The 3 options to chose would be ...

  1. Advanced .... Which is for those who will be using Zone, Analog, Meter, Pin-Point, etc & you will be matched only with those using the same because they entered that option as well.
  2. Basic ..... Directional Hitting & Classic Pitching Only. You will be matched only with those using the same because that is the option they entered as well.
  3. Open ..... Just the same how it is now. Neither opponent cares who is using which format & will be matched same way randomly how they are matched right now.

This will even out things for everyone involved & playing. The advanced gamers will not have to face the basic gamers & the basic gamers wont have to face the advanced gamers & those that dont care can still face whoever they are facing.


This makes too much sense, so it’ll never happen lol