I’ve been having fun tinkering around with the HUD in RTTS. One by one I’ve been turning off various displays until there was only the game on the field. It is very fun to play this way especially when at bat. I enjoy getting no swing feedback and going based on trajectory, speed, and crack of the bat to know the likelihood of getting a knock.

However, there are some displays that I would enjoy having the ability to remove, alter, or function “dynamically “. Here’s my list (if anyone at SDS is listening):

  1. Always - I would like to be able to remove the real time feedback concerning my abilities (i.e. +con, -reac, etc.). I’d rather just see how my performance stacked up after each game.

  2. Always - To have an option to have the Scorebar Display function dynamically. For example, have the Scorebar Display present until the pitcher begins his windup for the first pitch of each at bat, then disappear for the rest of the at bat. Currently I need to pause to see the inning, outs, runners on base, etc. I don’t mind using R3 to check the Jumbotron but it does get a bit tiresome after 500 ABs.

  3. Always - I know some folks have complained about ball in play camera in RTTS. I admit I rather like the new camera. Find the ball in the outfield or look at the 3rd base coach? Like in real life, it can be difficult to judge if the ball is going to drop in or not. But, I find the camera motion too slow at times. Suggestion, a slider for camera sensitivity (can help those who may experience motion sickness as well).

Base running - The ability to remove the controls display in the upper right hand corner. I’ve got a good handle on the base running controls and I just don’t need it. It’s the one screen I cannot rid of all displays.

Ok, I’m done.