The Good, the Bad, the Too Early to Tell


This post is mostly copied and pasted from reddit user u/YaboyRipTide.

He did a great job of summarizing, but I've added thoughts in bold. Feel free to share your three Good, Bad, and Too Early to Tells.

The Good

Mini Season - The biggest W of the stream IMO. The setup reminds me of Back Yard baseball (with the funny made up team names, ex. Wombats and Melonheads, 90's kids will know....). A touch of the old NFL / NBA street games where you customize your team and work towards a championship. I love it! I hope they buff rewards even further as 28 games plus playoffs is a lot, but I'm down for it!

Innings-based WS rewards instead of wins in Ranked Seasons. 500 innings gets you there. **I'm not a WS program grinder, but innings is better than wins. People taking their records was ridiculous**

Increased Sim Speeds in conquest by 2x

Save Event Lineups between runs

Collection rewards seem kinda mid with Frank Thomas who seemed horrible for AL (105/120 power R and Left with 50s fielding at 1st)and Clemente (high contact and fielding, 80 power w 70s speed) for NL but Seattle version Randy as all MLB is a big W **I'm not in awe of the LS collections. I love lefty hitters, so Frank the Tank isn't as good as big papi was last year. Clemente will play like [censored] if contact doesn't matter like it hasn't the past 2 years. You can arguably get better outfielders with the FOTF cards. Randy is cool but he's a SP so his stamina will go down...I think Joe Mauer would have been good for the AL**

BR Guaranteed Rounds (you can choose when your diamond rounds are if I am understanding that correctly)

The players they showed seemed solid so far. Higher than expected stats on a lot of them.

Commitment to live content throughout the year

The Bad

Can only get 12 of the Face of Franchise players. 6 of which are random and unsellable **For me this is "Too Early to Tell". You can use all 30 cards so last year's TA was just collection fodder after you got the 10-12 you wanted most. I'm down for something new...The random assignment of the first player is an L** 

Totally revamped quick sell pricing. Each OVR matters now instead of tier. Very hard to invest short term.

Overall, I think it was a C+ /B- stream. Any other new legends? We got Hank Aaron last year, Mantle before that, no one else new?


For his bad, I am guessing that we get the opportunity later to fill in the FOTF we are missing. But he did mention that it was a too soon to tell item.


Good: Teams should have variety at the beginning of the year, Ranked Program Adding Innings. I actually think the new Quick Sell values help investing

Bad: Feature Program

Too Early To Tell: Lack of programs

I rate the stream B/B+


More bad:

No XP for reaching new Division in RS?

I should get 20K XP for making division series. Not a lousy 3k stubs.


Just my two cents....better stock up on right handed hitters. You going to be seeing Randy all day online.


Bumper cars.