Curious question….


Are there any other franchise players that are thinking about March to October on this upcoming game? I’m not playing franchise this year because of the whole not bringing year to year saves back. But the multiple seasons on March to October has me curious. I’m giving it a try and I’m playing RTTS at the same time and seeing which one grabs my attention for the year. I don’t have too much free time, so it’s one or the other for me.


I always start Franchise via MTO. B/c of the trade logic they introduced last year, and expanded on or revamed this year. It allows you to go at it in different ways. You can trade for already established players and build a team around that player. Or you can trade established players for prospects. All of these options will carry over to your 2nd year of Franchise.

Plus MTO allows you to start multiple teams and you just choose which one to continue from Menu.

I understand the limited time thing. Ask yourself do you want to control a whole team or just a player? Both will be very immeseful this year IMO!!!-