Emmdotfrisk Franchise/MTO Interview


I'm sitting down with @L1vingston this week to talk about the creative direction of Franchise & March to October in @MLBTheShow. What questions should I ask him?



Question one: Have the start times been fixed for Franchise Mode this year? A handful of teams were scheduled mostly day games last year, which included the Dodgers and Red Sox’s.

Question two: Season Mode had a variety of shorter season lengths, why aren’t shorter season lengths available in Franchise Mode?

Question three: Each MLB team is only allowed to carry thirteen active pitchers in Franchise Mode. MLB teams generally carry fourteen pitchers. When will we be allowed to have fourteen pitchers in Franchise Mode?

Question four: MLB pitcher use logic has changed over the years, when will we see a change for the cpu pitcher use logic in Franchise?

Question five: Will the new twelve team playoff format be in MLB the Show 22?

Question six: MLB lineup logic has change greatly over the last few years. As of now, the CPU still constructs its lineup the old school way. Now days the best hitters hit 1,2,3 not the old lead off man days. When will Franchise Mode see this change in cpu lineup logic?

Question seven: Is the option to edit a organization’s/team’s general philosophy something that could be implemented in the future?

Question eight: Will the new “options rule” be added into this year’s installment of The Show?

Question nine: What obstacles are standing in the way of having user created divisions /realignment for Franchise Mode?

Question ten: Is Franchise Mode on its way out the back door so that March to October can take its place?


There's already an article basically saying MTO is priority of Franchise and there aren't enough "resources" for it. It goes into more detail, but it's basically a lame excuse seeing how they make Millions from DD. They're just trying to phase it out IMO


I don't have any questions for him, but you can tell him to eat shite and disapear.


@beastmode28cm_psn said in Emmdotfrisk Franchise/MTO Interview:

Question ten: Is Franchise Mode on its way out the back door so that March to October can take its place?

All great questions. Tweet them as replies to emmdotfrisk’s tweet because they also tag Lick Nivingston as well.

With regards to 10, my suspicion is that MTO was built on a whole new platform, different to the existing Franchise and RTTS, and those two modes will be rebuilt from it. Hopefully we will get some clarity in the interview.