The ratings play too huge a roll in hitting. I wish it would be more consistent with how a player actually executes that a guessed pitch, perfect timing and the reticle right on the ball with Babe Ruth power swing ends up a routine fly out to center. This has been a frustration of mine for years with The Show. The game is so cool (the cut scenes need to be made relevant and more diverse in possible storylines*) but my mental well being can't take another year of just watching what the algorithm decides will play out when I'm crushing it.
*It'd also be more fun if there where additional scenes and congrats, as well as significant and fluctuating levels based on the achievement ratings rewards, for ROY, MVP, Cy Young, Batting Title and Gold Glove awards. Even a lil something for winning the division or advancing playoff rounds. Give us hidden gems to play for, break up the monotony. This game has always had SO much potential, but I feel underwhelmed every year.