Don’t think a patch will help much


Seems like the main areas of complaint are hitting, pitching, outfielders not locking on, and rng, comeback logic, or whatever else we might call it. I’m sure they will fix outfielders not locking on but whatever is done with hitting and pitching will still lead to complaints. I’ve never really been one to complain about rng but each year it does seem to go more and more toward that and this year there seems to be many many more late comebacks on bad bloop hits, strange errors, etc so that leads will change late in games My point is outfielders will get fixed, hitting and pitching will be messed with all year, but they are not going to patch whatever it is that seems to make lead changes happen late in games if that was the intention going in. I think the best to hope for is outfielders getting fixed, hitting going through a lot of updates. I plan on never quitting out of a game that I’m trailing in this year because I have had some really stupid comebacks and lost a few as well.


I'm not a believer in comeback logic. Those bloop hits happen fairly frequently throughout the game. You just notice the late inning bloopers more because it has more of an impact on the game. And of course there will be some games where an insane amount of bloopers happen, and that's just a matter of bad luck with RNG.

SDS needs to take a stepwise approach to fix the problems.
Step 1: Revert the hitting aspect of the most recent patch to the way it was previously
Step 2: Implement a patch that makes it so pitching is based on skill, resulting in less meatballs over the plate
Step 3: Fielding glitches

They could switch steps 1 and 2, but if they did that then hitting would be even more impossible, since pitches would actually be located. In my personal experience, I haven't had any instances where outfielders don't lock on to the ball, but I know its an issue for many. The amount of errors on routine plays is more worrying to me. Fielding is important, but to me it just is not as important as fixing hitting and pitching first