Platinum Trophy: Denied!


I’m a bit of a trophy hunter so I usually obsess about getting all the trophies before I really set up for some Online play. The last trophy I needed was the “hidden” one you get for reaching Silver Level 1.

I worked on Collections to finish off my bronze level tenure the other night. As I collected my last batch of cards to finish off the Cubs set, I hit Silver 1.

No trophy popped.

I’m now at Silver Level 5. Still no trophy and my 21st Platinum is just sitting there waiting to be mine.

Anyone else have any issues with trophies not popping? I reported it as a “bug” so I trust the SDS Crew are looking into it.


I'm not sure about this one but I'm surprised they don't have a trophy for robbing a HR. At least it feels like I deserve a trophy just for the feat. lol