In general I liked the addition of Archetypes that first appeared in The Show 17 (I believe). However, one aspect I miss about the training points system was the ability to create any type of player I wanted. The current selection of archetypes kind of pigeon-holes you into a very specific player. I enjoyed playing as a utility infielder type player with middling hitting skills (utility archetype), good glove (small ball), slowish speed (pure power), etc. A bizarre mix for sure but reminiscent of real life players that fill every major league roster.

So, for example, what if we were given a “points for caps” system? Say 1000 points to be distributed towards your caps in anyway you’d like. Currently there are about 1000 cap points set for each available archetype. You could set your caps and then have your abilities begin at 66% of the cap max. One could then create as realistic or unrealistic a character as they choose.

Lastly, an option not to train would be awesome. Don’t train, you’re abilities start to diminish. I did always like that in the old system. Ok, I’m done.