So, I play this game almost every day. I played a little this morning on a conquest map and took a couple of strongholds. I shut everything down and ran some errands and when I turned my console back on this afternoon, I get an error message that my console storage doesn't match my cloud storage.

The storage date on both my console and cloud storage match. The big problem is that the dates for both my console and cloud storage is 11/25/2021. What????????? How is this possible???

I am afraid to move forward and lose all of my progress, everything I've earned (there is a whole inning at jeopardy), bought, sold, etc.

Has anyone dealt with this before?

Edit 1: I just took a look online and my squads all look correct as does my inventory. Even my stubs look correct in the Market. Will I lose all of this if I log into the game?

Edit 2: I started the PS4 version (I'm on PS5) and after the initial setup (team, mode, etc.) all of my stuff was current. I uninstalled the PS5 version and reinstalled it and I still have the error that the console and cloud data don't match with both having the date 11/25/2021.

Edit 3: I uninstalled the game again and found the console save file. I deleted it (dated 11/25/2021). I reinstalled the game and everything is fine.

That was a scare I don't want to go through again.