My humble wishlist for MLB The Show 22

  1. I’d like to see a little more equity in the Event matchups. I played several and have done lousy. I feel like going and I have no chance. I think a good solution would be to set up two divisions or three divisions even. They would be based, obviously, on the team rating.
  2. Stop the high number of hit pitchers and hit batters. Especially the hit pitchers. That should be extremely rare, but it’s not. I hit one in the head the other day. That’s completely unacceptable.
  3. Add some rewards to the extra inning games. I know the rewards in the game are weighted towards online play, but those of us who don’t play a lot online would appreciate getting a little more for some of the games we played too.
  4. Add cards for Barry Bonds and Pete Rose. Yeah they’re not in the Hall of Fame, but this is a game after all not the real thing. And I’m sure you’ve seen many of the comments throughout the season that we want them there.
  5. Lastly, thanks a lot for this game. This was the first year I actually played it to the hilt and I’m sorry it took so long. I’ve loved it. See you next year.
  6. One added thing I thought of after I posted this: please fix the drops signups. I tried unsuccessfully to get in and never did. I signed up last year just fine and tried to sign up again this year and I must have done something wrong because I kept getting sign in errors when I tried to sign in on This should not be as complicated as it has been. And if there are problems with accounts why can’t SDS fix it on their end? As a user I felt helpless. C’mon, guys, fix this.

Just added another request to fix the drops signups. Huge frustration for me this year.


I'd like to be able to dictate the types of players on my 26 player roster (like reducing the rotation or bullpen to increase the bench). I'd also like to be able to switch squads on the fly instead of exiting whatever mode I'm in and going back to the Home>Manage Squad page. (Like if you're in Conquest and you want to field different teams in the map.)