mlb the show 22 wish list (2 things that can make huge change) and many more


2 things that can make huge change and more......

  • put a new camera angle. a camera angle that looks like a combination of strike zone (that is the most popular) and something like fish eye. we need that camera angle because we like to use strike zone because is the easiest way to bat but we tired of seeing that strike zone and not the batter. we would like to see the batter stance and more of the baseball field etc.

  • Please make ALL stadium as the shippet stadium. im super tired of just playing online in the shippet stadium just because is the only stadium where the ball runs. i would like to see more hr, doubles and more baseball in the mlb stadium as well. make all the stadium feels like shippet.

  • we need a super smooth game. Please 120 hz in the 22 please.

  • every time a player is going to bat we need to see the name presentation with a pic, avg hr etc.

  • batter entrance in the home plate waving the catcher and umpire etc. also more bat boy participation

  • real time mlb game score ( like espn etc)

  • we need more animation where you can interact with fans, opponent team or teammates when it close, make interactions where you decide as a manager how to act with the players (like mount visit if you want to discuss with the pitcher etc), shows frustration of pitcher when a teammate make an error, camera presentation that shows the batter that's batting next, more interaction with players and umpire, more interaction with players and manager, make it feels real.

  • change the illumination or anything to make game look's more real. the graphics of the game is great but we need much more improvement in night game so the game looks real ( the lights in the ballpark, in the player and in the fans) also do a entire night game ( in older the show game at 7pm its no night) and in day time more real and make the sun that doesn't bothers when you batting.

  • animation of fire work when you hit for a HR, rain delay animation, animations like marcell ozuna selfies etc.

  • make the baseball park fans feels more real and special. we need them to scream in the right moment, scream mvp to the right person, in a clutch moment make them scream their nickname to the team that's home, making foul play where you can interact we the fan ( like when prince filder ate a fan chip) have games in the stadium of trivia or whatever, have the kissing cam or something like that.

  • we need broadcaster to be more interesting to feel fun and real. every hit or out hast to make it listen fun just as michael kay and ernesto jerez. this game feel boring when you playing alone at home ( no party chat or no streaming ) we need to change that.

  • SDS listen more to the streamer. they play the game everyday and they know what the game has wrong or monotony. we want the game to feels special. to have fun and have a interesting game in every game we play daily

  • have more play opportunity where you can slide or jump to catch that ball. that make the game more interesting. thats the reason we like to watch tattis on tv.

  • get more of camera angle for the game in play. we would like to see the game concentrated diferent as your opponent. that feels real when you hit for a double o in a double play. just like real baseball.

  • we need broadcaster to be more interesting to feel fun and real. every hit or out has to make it listen fun just as michael kay and ernesto jerez. this game feel boring when you playing alone at home ( no party chat or no streaming ) we need to change that.

  • make baseball interesting and fun like tattis. we need toooons of animation, animation for everything. pitcher scream when get a k, animation like the umpier thowing the ball to the pitcher, animation like batter getting mad with umppier for the check swing, animation like players having fun with others example when you hit for a h the 1st baseman and the runner in first start playing around or at least say hi (like rizzo with his friend running in 1st) animation for a hit, double triple and hr, animation when the game is tied, when the game is close in run and you hit a h with no out, we need fustration animation like when you hit for an out in a cluth moment, or when the pitcher got hit a HR in a tied game more like that, also discussions in the same team or agains the other team, we need fight between team, animation of anger when the same batter gets hit twice or more in the same game etc. we need to have fun in every game so it feels REAL and FUN.

  • we need an option after the game begin where you can decide the way you want to play with your opponent if you want to act rude or humble or friendly or competitive. for example when you hit for a HR you want to act friendly or have an animation were you let him know you the best, and not only with a hr it can be with a K or with a hit. lets make this game fun.

  • put the ball in play. we need more of the ball in play, im tired of getting a hit with a ball between the pitcher and the catcher. this game has been a monotony in the way its play. lefty bunt thru 3er base as a hit, lot of fly in the in the infield, etc its like every game is the same.

  • In Dimond Dinasty we need to feel more as a manager. having a office that you can decorate, making player purchase feel more interesting like we were signing it an be more creative having more ideas with that.

  • in DD make the decisions where you can customize everything in player (sleves color, bands or any equipment) in any player that is in your team.

  • make ranking season more interesting in a way we really feel like we grinding to make it to the word series

  • get more DD new mode maybe like a game mode we play a word baseball classic, a mode where you and your opponent draft player 5 o less min before the game but cant have the same players and more like that.

  • fix the timing. too many HR as a foul and a lot of foul. also more K we dont need a 10 pitch batter just hitting foul with no pci.

  • pleaseeeee fix the server pleaseeee.

and last but not least make changes in the game ( like new game mode etc) that after the game the show 22 release, you can make those change with update just like Fortnite. we dont have to wait another year just to make a change that could be something easy to do.

I hope you take into consideration what I said, I only try to help as a player that I am.

thanks for the baseball game.


We need Online Franchise.