Please make it easier to Quick Sell Free Agents


There are multiple problems with quick selling Free Agents, all of which need to be fixed/modified

  1. Quickselling Free Agents on a PS4 still fails.

  2. Quick Selling a Free Agent on a PS5 returns the cursor to the "upper leftmost" Free Agent. This is a REAL PAIN when trying to quick sell dozens (if not hundreds) of Free Agents. Can't SDS simply keep the cursor on the card JUST QUICK SOLD so that it will make it much easier to move to the next card?

  3. The ability to Quick sell needs to be added to the Companion App.


I would like to add that the problem stated in number 2 applies to uniforms as well. That might be an issue with categories over a certain number (guessing 300+). I hope SDS fixes this for 22