Ideas for 2022....


Some things about this game that I would love to see happen for next year is

  1. Not give the same player multiple cards. Some players have 3 or more cards in this game. In my opinion, that's excessive.
  2. Start adding some fictional players to the game that are based from baseball inspired movies and be usable Diamond Dynasty. For example, Rick Vaughn, Crash Davis, Willie Mays Hays, Henry Rowengartner, and so forth. I think it'd be a fun and interesting way to keep users interested while playing the same game year after year.
  3. Adding a Movie Moments game mode. Recreate and play moments that are in, or inspired by, the movies.
  4. Add a multi-player mode where players can gamble their stubs. The amount of stubs would be different based on certain skill levels of the player. Have it cost (x) amount of stubs to enter a 7 inning online game. The winner would get all of the stubs. MANY mobile games do this.
  5. Adding balks to online games. Don't think this needs much explanation and I feel a majority of players would agree.
  6. Developers and administrators actually take complaints regarding game play seriously. Investigate the issue and find a fix.
    Anyways, these are just a few of my ideas and thoughts. What are yours?
  1. Will always happen because of TN, All-Star, Monthly, and PS programs.

  2. Won't happen because of licensing rights.

  3. See #2.

  4. Won't happen because if state and federal laws that limit online gambling.

  5. Won't happen as I heard that had this implemented earlier in the games development (years ago) and it caused to many issues.

  6. Wish in one hand and #$@! in the other and see which one fills up first.


I really wish they would implement a sensitivity button on the PCI when batting.

Rocket League do something similar to stop the over jerking, or in some cases, under jerking. Appreciate jerking is the wrong word on a mostly American forum 😄 but you know what i mean


Roy Hobbs is the only fictional character we’ve got a chance at since that was Columbia Pictures.

Also, Wonderbat as a bat skin.