You know it's bad


When you sit down to play, thinking you'll get so much caught up because you have ALL night to play, and after four pitches you shut off the game.


Not trying to be a jackass, but if that’s the case isn’t that on you? Baseball is all about the long game; 162 games, hundreds of pitches per game, only succeed 3 out of 10 times and you likely make HOF.

If you didn’t get the instant gratification you wanted after 4 pitches, maybe you don’t have the patience for the game as a whole?

I definitely have good + bad days; went 6-0 run in BR recently and the next day was like 2-12 in events. Game has issues, no doubt, but enjoying the sport and game as a whole isn’t determined in 4 pitches.

You could also just be burnt out on the game; not sure how long you’ve played, but nearing the end of game cycle and people inevitably start losing interest and move onto the next exciting thing.