What do you want added?

  1. When you have to start a new event run after two losses, your last team build automatically loads in the lineup screen.
  2. Ability to have a couple more than 4 team builds saved. Not a big deal but I keep the 4th slot for different theme teams and am always having to change it.

I guess these aren't actually new features or game modes like the OP wanted but just some minor changes.


@alecd1597_psn said in What do you want added?:

What feature or game mode would you most like to be added to DD in the show 22?

A playoff atmosphere in RS . So the game can have more lag.


I want the players on my DD team to be able to wear their own uniforms. Have the option to let each guy on my team to wear their actual team uniform like in the all star games of the past.


I would also like:

Search for players with a certain quirk
Custom stadiums at night
CPU teams wearing the correct uniforms when I play them at my DD team’s home park
Better music or...
Custom playlist
Different fan screams (they’ve been the same since 18)


Online franchise.


@bloopnablast_34_psn said in What do you want added?:

I just want solid consistent servers.

When I saw this topic I immediately thought this