OK I know this is nerd territory but for a baseball purist like myself who loves the old baseball cards and even checks out old games from the 70s and 80s on YouTube every so often (go find some All Star Games from the 70s!) I have to say there is a "bug" in THE SHOW when it comes to the "ugly" V Neck and Sansabelt uniforms from the 70s to late 80s.

The Show defaults every uniform to the traditional belt and button down look. Classic uniforms like the As and Sox from the 70s or Blue Jays from the 80s suffer from the V neck being turned into a button down with a rounded collar and the belt being a striped belt going through the pants loop instead of the proper striped band like a basketball short would have.

It would be the best holiday gift if The Show could fix this I know it's a nit picky thing but it does ruin the effect of Turn Back the Clock games using those 70s threads. Thanks and happy gaming.


"The on-field look of MLB received a much-needed jolt of energy in 1963 when Kansas City Athletics owner Charles O. Finley garbed his team in “Kelly Green and Tulane Gold” uniforms. A man ahead of his time, Finley paved the path toward the modernization of the design of the Major League Baseball uniform that reached a crescendo more than half a decade later.

On the night of July 16, 1970, the Pittsburgh Pirates christened Three Rivers Stadium with a 3-2 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. In a surprise move, the Bucs unleashed a new set of uniforms for the occasion – pullover jerseys and beltless pants made of a synthetic stretch material, 60 percent nylon and 40 percent cotton. The new outfits were radical in their appearance.

“There are no buttons on the shirts or pants, which resemble ski pants,” reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette."