Connection Help Needed, Please!


I'm about to lose my you-know-what!
I have a wired cable connection that gets around 45 download / 5 upload. Not blazing, but better than most.

I've had 3 consecutive online games that kicked me offline for losing a connection.
How is this possible with a wired cable connection?

My ISP is Service Electric Cable in PA-- a monopoly that still operates like it's 1975-- no apps, no customer service on weekends.
My internet provider is Penn Tele Data-- they too have no online help available.

Could the network just be horribly unstable?


It's because the connection on this game is incredibly stupid and it really sucks. I would have never gotten it had I known how much trouble I would have with connection issues.


Lot of the time its the Show servers not you Turn cross play off and occasionally do a database rebuild Its safe and actually reccomended