My franchise wishlist for 22


I’m done with franchise for the year. I’m going to RTTS. It’s about time they give us franchise players something. This is a little ambitious but we’re talking about a next gen game here. I’d like to see:

  1. Full minors. Add the A and high A teams.

  2. We got the stadium creator. I’d like to see real minor league ballparks for the all four levels.

  3. Face scans for all minor league players. I like that they added face scans for the top prospects this year. I’d like to see them do that for all players.

  4. First and last name audio for all players.

  5. Real ‘22 draft class. Or at least make it editable.

  6. I’d like to see a more realistic progression. You play well in the minors and you can progress past your ceiling. Conversely, if you play poorly, you regress.

  7. Give us the ability to import players into an existing franchise.

  8. Year to year saves. This is probably the most important. And needs no explanation.


Also what would be awesome is viewing retired players by year as you get further into franchise so you can view their stats. I just think it would be interesting.

Also what would be nice is introducing legends into the franchise mode year by year if that’s possible.


I also think that they should add in to the player stats their minor league team and stats into their major league stats so they’re aren’t any gaps and instead of saying TOT, they should put, for instance 2028 Bucky Dent was with, say Philadelphia and San Diego instead of TOT..


All I want is to be able to have more than 2 custom uniforms lol


And top 30 prospects for every team would be cool.


Team records would be nice

As for minors, due to space limitations I'd be happy with AAA,AA & A with a 15 player Rookie player holder like A is now


I'd like Team records and the 'modern day' and 'all time' records. No one states Hugh Duffy's single season BA, Billy hamilton's runs scored or Old Hoss Radbourn's Wins for a reason. I'd still like to SEE them, but I think the game should differentiate

I'd also like to be able to edit head hair and facial hair for existing players. Jon Gray was traded to the Yankees and has a beard...for example

Better Trade AI. Just because a team has TWO very good LFers, doesn't mean it HAS to trade one...move one to RF where you have a 71 OVR player hitting .630 OPS

Relocation and Editable leagues. If I want 2 divisions in my AL and NL with only a ALCS/NLCS and then World Series, I should be able to do it. I should also be able to send the Marlins to the AL or relocate Tampa Bay to Montreal.

Vault should have uniforms. Your user base will create all the historical uniforms for you, don't even sweat that feature

Weather, night games, domes for created stadiums

Better search functionality for the Vault

Vault should have custom ads/billboards. Be awesome to have my stadium have sponsors like Bring Back MST3K or Neosporin lol

Change the color aspect for created teams/logos/uniforms to HEX and or RGB. Easier to get right shades and some people are colorblind


Any progress whatsoever would be nice.

How about changing the reason why a recently-signed FA can't be traded so that the other team doesn't stupidly say, "We're not interested"? How about just blocking off these players so they can't be added to a trade?

Simple logical stuff would be a start.


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