Input Wanted: New Name Suggestions for Pure Analog mode


Unlike most, I love Pure Analog mode. I use pure analog batting and pitching 100%. While it is very complex, challenging, and I believe, by far the most fun version of this game, Pure Analog mode gets dismissed very easily by new and old players.

Pure Analog is harder, but I think it's name is what hurts it's usage most. It feels old. It feels like something you shouldn't want to use and don't want to be associated with. One YouTube creator said: "Pure Analog? Ew! Why would you?" Yes, that was actual feedback from a MLB The Show Influencer on You Tube. So let's have a new name for the mode that might help generate some interest and get people into the best version of the game. Here are some suggestions. Anybody else got anything?

  1. Stickball Mode
  2. Pure Baseball Mode
  3. True Swing Mode
  4. The Show Mode
  5. ????

True swing is nice... if you want another challenge I use zone and analog basically both sticks its very tough but fun


Analog Stride hitting is obviously the most realistic and natural way to play this game because its adds some form of motion and timing to your swing. The majority of people are video game players and like to button mash and aim to swing like they are playing Duck Hunt or a Sniper game. 90% of the players of The Show now are casuals players, and DD guys..casuals is what rules sports gaming now. Look at Codemaster F1 games, 95 percent of the players use T-Cam like they are a clown sitting on top of the car or some form of assist or a controller. This is the world we live in now, instant gratification casuals with the attention span of a goldifsh. No wonder a game like Project Cars had to move away from being a Sim Racing game to a Need for Speed casual game. But I like your 3rd point for the new name for analog stride, True Swing Mode...sorta like what they had for the PC version of Tiger Woods 08. And they should also change PCI mode to Casual Aiming Mode.