Draft question for AL West Showdown.


Who would you take, right before you had to face Ohtani in the next to last Red Boss Mission; knowing you would need a power rightie bat.

LS Ohtani: That way you could have that extra bat in the lineup.

LS Olsen: High vision power bat.

LS Gallo: Just because its Gallo.


Honestly I would take Olsen, but that’s personal, I think most would take Gallo. I however had better luck with Olsen against Verlander than Gallo


Gallo, every day of the year.


Its a moot point. Because for some unknow reason, the do I version of Ohtani pitched lights out.

I even worked the count, but EVERY pitch thrown on a 3-2 count was in the edge od the Strike Zone that it was either a jammed griund ball, a calked third strike, or a ground ball. I think I got one person on base and my ONLY RH bat was LS Trout.

I'm trying one more time. If I can win out, up to the Ohtani Mission, I may just skip straight to Verlander needing I think 6 runs.

Not complaining, but I've wasted So much time, and possible stubs, onnthis Showdown that I've probably could've played a full season of MTO for that teams card.

Ironically, I trying for a playwr that may very well become obsolete in a few months.


Mannn I've done this showdown Too many times. I have Ohtani, Correa and am 11 stars from Olsen .. all thru Showdown... Ohtani is always harder than Verlander for me.

But to answer your Question. I'd go Gallo in hopes that you'll get Olsen eventually.