Not able to take the extra step for baserunning


Since this morning I am unable to take the extra step to try and steal.

I am told by manager to steal base. The screen loads and I hit the R1 button for the extended lead, but instead of taking the extra step, my runner makes this little deke move without going anywhere.

Then before I can react the pitcher has thrown the ball to the batter, and I am out stealing EVERY time. I don't mind if I am tossed out trying if I got a bad jump, or there was a pitchout, but by deliberately not letting me get the extra step is is costing me big time.

I know with my runners 85 speed I shouldn't need the extra step, but the team I am playing against uses the slide step every time I am on base, and/or throws a pitch out. Not sure what if anything I can do.


Update. I rebooted the game and the problem seems to have gone away.