This seems to happen to at least one team every year, so I figured I'd get my gripe out of the way. Can you guys please stop having the collection rewards being players that are completely redundant for the team you're collecting? Why is the Mets collection a 1B specific player, when their best hitter is a 1B specific player? I like John Olerud, and to a lesser extent Pete Alonso, but One of them is basically doomed to ride the bench for eternity because the two best Mets offensive cards are strictly locked to the same position!

This is actually kind of related to another gripe I have, which is in regards to Face of The Franchise cards. Why would you make Buster Posey the FoTF card for the Giants when it's immediately made irrelevant by the XP reward cards? You could've made it Hunter Pence or Brandon Crawford or Brandon Belt or something! Heck, you have 30 cards, and 3 are pitchers! None of those are relief pitchers at that. At this stage it's physically impossible to field an all FoTF lineup, even in a 3 inning Conquest game. So in the future could get get a bit more balance in regards to these things?

anyway, back to talking about the patch