That is the average amount of pitches per plate appearance for a top team in the mlb (stats from 2018) with the highest average this season being 4.57 by Rhys Hoskins.

I only mention this for the reason that in both online and offline modes, in this game, there is a inordinate amount of fouling balls off and extending out what clearly shouldn't be extended.

Maybe if pitching input mattered more and you could actually strike people out, this game would be the simulation that some people think it is.

Btw, I didn't just lose a game, I'm grinding conquest maps and I'm sick of constantly having at bats go nine, ten or even more pitches. Don't even get me started with online and the ridiculous out of fouled off balls.

That is all.


I mean, I'd think the average player sees less than that per average. Because how many times do most people get the opponents starter to over 100 pitches?
I do all the time because I take pitches, but my starters don't usually get there.


My approach against really good opponents is to make a pitcher throw at least 20 pitches an inning.. ends up draining their bullpen quickly. It's annoying but effective. I also believe that the game rewards players better for working the counts more.

The excessive foul balls definitely help with this but I hope to see them gone in 20. Last time they tried to change very early foul tips we had the disaster of 1.13