Starting Pitcher


Ok. I complained as much as most last year, because of how badly they messed up being a starting pitcher. But this year they made corrections. So I have to give them some credit and some tips so that you can be SP in the Show:

  1. They corrected it so you can learn a new pitch in the minors, like it should be and you can change the pitch in a slot later on. These are all good updates.
  2. You can tell the manager no, when they want to change you to RP. You don’t have to wait to speak with your Agent. You can say no, I believe I’m a starter and the manager backs off.
  3. Call up is pretty quick. I did two different careers to see what happens and both times, I was called up year 1 straight from AA. With this in mind, it sucks cause you can’t choose your team, but go back to college after the first draft. Your potential will jump to an A, and that makes a huge change to your development.

Two scenarios, A) potential A and went back to college B) straight from high school and B potential. A) worst record but developed to 77 overall. B) ok record, similar individual numbers and was 67 overall. And here’s the thing, the one way they will still send you to the bullpen, is if your overall isn’t strong enough to be a top 5 SP in the organization going into the next season. Which is what happened in scenario B.

  1. when working on your development earlier, work on the main stat numbers. Ks HRs BBs, those type of stats. That helps your overall quickly.

This is always what I look forward to, I know I’m a rarity when it comes to position in the Show. But it’s what I like and I’m glad these changes have been addressed. Hopefully next, they bring their attention to the franchise changes to teams.


You are not alone!I've got 3 SP's going along with one CP-who started out as SP but got switched and since we won WS in first year I'm leaving him be.
My question about changing pitches is do you retain the levels you have built the pitch up to with the new pitch?
Not me but there are people who think they get called up too quickly-they would rather be in minors for years.Different strokes I guess.


That is an excellent question and I do not know. If I make a change, I will share the results.
And I agree, there are benefits to years in the minors. I think I’m so pleased that I can finally be a starting pitcher again, that I’ll take what I can get.