My last RS game


So, yeah, you get folks with agendas that say "If you don't like the game just don't play it. For sure, don't write about a negative experience in this forum that is all about promoting, marketing, and singing the praise of this game". And, that's fine..everyone is entitled I suppose.

My last RS game..and I mean last in every way you can mean last..was representative of many of the nightmares shared out here buy the paying well as you Xbox users.

The servers weren't handling the traffic and game play was jittery. I'm not sure if there is mutual exclusion involved or it's all part of the package, but every pitch and swing of the bat was horrid. Nothing represented the input coming out of my controller. I believe the game was 1-1 or 0-0 going into the 11th inning.

So, another customer just suffered through another hour of watching a train-wreck. I quit that tie game and made an oath I was done..and have stuck to that oath.

My soul purpose in life now is to get the word out to anyone is still considering buying this year (likely zero) or buying this game next year. Whatever I can do to educate and inform the frustration factory they would be entering into.

Would never just say don't buy it. Some folks love the dummied down element, parity, and liberal dispersing of high diamond cards. They enjoy seeing cards that depict what a 19-year old Single A player might do if they ever actually make it to The Show.

Some just like the very cool and best in the industry(and it really is) MLB animation. It's very awesome and if a customer is attracted enough to all that to forgive the frustration and AI interference..they'll still buy it. And that's great.

So, that's about it for playing the game anymore. 3 months of all this fun was about all I could stomach.


I went from being to hit the ball on hall of fame to constantly missing 102 fastballs every single game, There just isn't any fun in it, won last game 2-0 with a HR with sandberg pinch hitting in the 8th to win the game, But im 46 IP with Zach britton 0.72 era so thats kinda cool but its ridicolous how im still only parallel 2 on him , bullpen para XP is pretty hard to get.