Plate Discipline & Durability (Do They Affect PCI Smoothness?)


Hello! I hope you're all doing well! I've noticed in older versions of MLBTS that as a season prolongs, RTTS hitters seem to have difficulty putting up good numbers if their durability is just major league average which I've heard is just under 70 points.

After the All-Star break, there seems to be a lot of PCI drops and pop-ups on the infield.

Does declining durability as a season wears on, combined with the tall task of keeping plate discipline at or above major league average, affect the smoothness of the PCI? In the 2nd half of each RTTS season, it almost seems like the L3 stick or controller needs to be replaced. The PCI kind of glitches out, shakes more and is more sensitive.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Take care!


Discipline is ability to check swing...Durability is the ability to not get injured/speedier recovery (RTTS/Franchise modes)...

So, to answer your question is "no" to both.


I personally think that higher durability could likely make a player more successful and consistent throughout a longer season. I also think that plate discipline could likely help "stick skills".

I would think that a lot of video game characters, specifically "build your own" characters, can be extremely sensitive. I also think there could be things about attributes that we don't necessarily know yet.

Does anyone have thoughts about this? Take care!