Xbox vs PlayStation Gameplay


Xbox player here.

Has anyone noticed gameplay change when you play a PlayStation player? I still can’t understand how you can be painting corners and they still rattle off 6 home runs in a game with perfect contact. Sometimes the ball won’t even be in the pci or it’ll be a foot outside even.. playing other Xbox players I rarely see this..

Can cross-play have any effect on this since this game was made for PlayStation servers in the first place. Are they able to see the ball a split second longer to get that fluid swing?

Would love to hear your thoughts


We’re just better than you


imagine smash bros came to all consoles Nintendo people who have been playing there whole lives would have the advantage. if Halo came to PlayStation they would be at a disadvantage just because we had years with it. also depending on if they are on ps5/series x and u arent they can see the ball better we can see everything better But remember u can always turn off cross play( i do im trash at the game lmao)