How do you guys play?


You might consider me an offline player. When I boot up the game I start with some RTTS, play a few games. Gets me primed up and I earn some XP.

After that I get into Moments (right now going thru the Eckersley evolution). I like being able to play towards specific achievements in a certain amount of time. Although the offensive Moments are tough for me when you need multiple XBH or collect a number of bases.

Then if I’m in the mood I give Showdown a shot. I’ve got eliminated from the 1st inning program which I’m alright with because I was not patient with my batting. Usually the longer I play in a single playthru, the worse I get lol.

While I play for the fun and challenge of getting better, I guess my goal is to collect good cards without spending real money. I wish stubs were easier to come by and you earned more for playing RTTS.

I look forward to getting into MtO because I’m excited for the improvements. So far I wish we earned more stubs/xp in RTTS and that there was a mode in which you can use your DD team as a franchise team (if there is let me know).


Franchise is my main thing ... Head to head is fun sometimes, but franchise is where it’s at ....