Ohtani + Legend difficulty


Card is very good, I wish he had more control. (I didn’t know SDS gave him a cutter).

I played against the Angels and was only able to get 2 hits vs Ohtani, I scored four runs agaisnt him because I draw some walks and then got a clutch double with bases loaded.


He has a cutter IRL, Statcast mislabeled it as a splitter for quite some time, some of the games from earlier this season when he threw 0 cutters or have weird spin rate/direction on splitters are still mislabeled on baseballsavant.

The thing SDS didn't really get right though, is that if he's played as he is played IRL - DH every day he's not pitching, and in the rotation - on franchise or March to October, he'd essentially have no energy to pitch and can last about 30-40 pitches an outing. Really need to turn his stamina way up.