Perhaps this needs addressed


Sometimes, in Conquest, the AI has you on the fast-track for only one run in an inning. The lengths it will go to in order to prevent more than that.

This I've seen no less than 3 times, and have actually saved the video after realizing it's a thing.

I get a hit deep in the left-field corner with guys on 1st and 2nd. The guy on 2nd, obviously, scores. Guy on first is barreling around 2nd, I'm holding down the left bump screaming GO, GO, GO. 3rd base coach is waving him as well.

Alas, he rounds third and gets about 1/3 of the way down the line and mysteriously turns around and runs back to 3B where the ball is waiting on him.

First question why did he return to 3B when he was looking at home (there wasn't any animation showing him turning his head and looking back at the ball) and the 3B coach was waving him? I dunno.

However, if this is how you bypass the prolific and ever entertaining double-play I applaud you for your creativity. Will have to deduct a few points for lack of realism. But, fact is, it wasn't the standard Double-play to end an inning.

Anyway, guys, if you want a look at the video just let me know. Does look pretty sketchy. I know you do your best to keep that out of the game.


No one wants to see that video