This Twins M2O is the best M2O I've done the past couple years.

Traded for J.D. Martinez and Trevor Story to add to a lineup with Nelson Cruz, Josh Donaldson, Miguel Sano, Mitch Garver (some sneaky pop in the ALCS), and Byron Buxton.

The number of HRs, especially in the playoffs, has been crazy. Swept the Angels and the final game had around 8 HRs to win the game by 10 runs!

Still have to play the Doyers in the World Series.


i’m in the WS with the twins bc they are my favorite team. I traded for salvy jose ramirez and marcus semien. every playoff moment i have hit 2+ home runs in and i will no doubt win the WS


For some reason of all the teams I've played I've hit the most HR's in the playoffs with the Jays. Added Merrifield and Story.