(These are just MY opinions. Everything is not black and white. There are nuances to each point.)

Point 1
2 months of bad communication with player base
Server goes down for 8+ hours, not one word from any of the social media contacts not one word about anything while still advertising game content during said down time. (I know they have scheduled tweets that does NOT excuse 0 response on social media for hours)
(scroll through the comments section)

Point 2
Unacceptable amount of server interruptions, downtime, and Challenge Failed
Here are the server outage reports from Down Detector for MLB the Show 21
June - https://ibb.co/YLPL1qz
May - 1) https://ibb.co/rb24jJv 2) https://ibb.co/Gpc6YLQ
April - 1) https://ibb.co/hyqyDQt 2) https://ibb.co/mDmh5yc

Point 3
Multiple ways to "freeze" the game

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLHyzk5hKuI
  2. https://twitter.com/OhChev/status/1408616598768861187

Point 4
Multiple amounts of random Disconnects from server

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne3aXUN9fuE

Point 5
Recycled Innings Programs that are completed within hours

  1. Program Drops https://ibb.co/bdPtzXn
  2. Card obtained within hours of program drop https://ibb.co/v4h6BCL
  3. Full video of Koogs46 debut for Troy Glaus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXV_xdlxjGE

Point 6
Headliner cards that are not usable
(1) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1407352679744131073 --- https://ibb.co/VWRpTVG
(2) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1403336212820201472 --- https://ibb.co/s5yVfTn
(3) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1395771376120864768 --- https://ibb.co/gy4XFnT
(4) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1392102197094195200 --- https://ibb.co/1mXh4Cm

Point 7
Player Program cards that do not see the field

  1. Dave Parker
    a) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1405971325072687107
    b) https://ibb.co/sVvgPh6
  2. Juan Marichal
    a) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1403434359672082432
    b) https://ibb.co/n65NHyd
  3. Ozzie Smith
    a) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1407397984195596289
    b) https://ibb.co/CpyNsbH
  4. Bruce Sutter
    a) https://theshow.com/new-player-program-collections-event-more-in-the-2nd-inning/
    b) https://ibb.co/Gtpp0pX

Point 8
Events with SUB PAR rewards

  1. Pee Wee Reece
    a) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1398715769781903364
    b) https://ibb.co/VMD2bfD
  2. John Olerud
    a) https://twitter.com/MLBTheShow/status/1407420626688614400
    b) https://ibb.co/2KwhHxq
  3. Asdrubal Cabera
    a) https://twitter.com/mlbtheshow/status/1393337371320479745?lang=en
    b) https://ibb.co/Ms6rDrX

Point 9
BR Flawless reward with 64 contact . . .

Topps Now reward (within 7 days of BR reward)

Point 10
The Windows

  1. https://twitter.com/OhChev/status/1408078202422108165
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M46blNBN4IY

Point 11
Bad Baserunning

Point 12
No PCI foul balls