You can’t make it up


These flash sales are kicking me right in the nads. Haha. I’ve made so many missteps this week with my stubs. I had a decent bankroll so I decide Tuesday to buy what I needed for Mo.

There’s a 42 pack on sale now for 15K. I bought the last 7 42 cards I needed the other day. Also purchased was sig Eck (naturally going down a little, as I expected), Prime Plesac and Prime Robertson (without thinking that I was going to unlock Britton a day later), awards Salmon and awards Eloy.

So many stubs spent that would have been saved by waiting until today. Ugh. You can’t predict, I know, just killing me today.

And I didn’t do any investing on the day they made TEN players at diamond.


I didn't invest heavily but made about 90K on the update. Still have like 15 Albies -- that hurt.

When the market tanked I bought another Prime Dibble at 70K, thinking that in a week or so he'll rebound back -- was in the 90's trending steadily towards 100+.


Also sitting on 12 Vlads. He homered today against a lefty, so if he can do some more damage vs. lefties in the next two weeks he should pop to a 90 and his price should skyrocket.

Here's hoping. But the roster update gods are cruel bastards.