Nobody's talking about the nerfed XP in Conquest


As the only viable offline method to grind games and earn XP I am surprised that I have not seen more about it here, but I guess the hitting and showdown changes are more noticeable. I noticed this yesterday but wanted a better example game.

Last year, and the first weekend of this year, a good offensive inning in Conquest where I maybe scored a run, got a few runners on and made the pitcher throw a lot of pitches would net me around 1,000 plus XP. A good 1,2,3 inning pitching would net me around 400.

I just played an inning where offensively I had 5 hits, 3 runs and forced the opposing pitcher to throw 21 pitches. That inning only netted me 700 and some odd XP. I then pitched the bottom half and went 1,2,3 with a pop out and two strikeouts and the XP earned was 200 and some odd XP.

I'll continue to monitor but it definitely seems nerfed to me. Playing XP may be nerfed across the board but Conquest is the mode I have played the most and and have the best idea of how much I made before the hitting patch.


I could be wrong, so maybe someone else can verify... but the XP is throttled based on how often you play. If you play multiple games everyday, your max xp is lower than if you play one game a week.


XP in conquest is exactly the same as it was last year. A perfect pitching inning is 250-275 and if you get 30+ pitches thrown to you batting you get 900 or so.