Looking for users for Custom Franchise


I’m currently looking for users for a custom league currently in process. We are in the end of season 2 we are looking for 2 to 4 replacement users for teams. Currently have 2 spots open now and will have more available soon.

It is a 28 man franchise with 2 teams (Yankees and Dodgers) stripped apart and talent was given out to lg to balance the power. We use GroupMe for all communications and have users on PS4, PS5, Xbox one and Xbox X/S so all are welcome.

You are expected to play 10 games a week, but we are flexible if you are gone for vacation or something where you are gone for an extended period. Please email me at marknvk@yahoo.com if interested or message on Xbox my gamer tag is BlueHennessy25. I will go over what is on the teams available as well how off-season format works as well.


Lost me when you got rid of two teams...the rest sounds awesome