Still freezing after a walk off win by either team.

Still have issue with forward hand arm gear disappearing when batting. Wrist guards never show. The only way to get arm bands to stay is when using the small generic elbow guard.

1st base bag still randomly shows black or grey.

GABP still doesn’t show out of town scores on left field wall nor does it have field tarp on first base line wall.

Still can’t select jerseys when using player lock.

Still having random issues when using player lock where baserunners disappear.

When doing trade talks you can’t see pitcher pitch hand in offers.

The G Form elbow guard has issues. If weather dictates automatic long sleeves the pad of sleeve shows through over shirt. The pad also shows over top of above elbow undershirts.

Computer at times will pitch the same starter in back to back games.

Using player lock often times a power hitter at bat with 2 outs and 2 strikes will try to bunt on. Happens fairly often.

Many sunglasses bleed through brim of hat.

Few times a player will appear in the postgame stats screen for both teams. This is the screen immediately after game ends.