Injuries, callups and trades


I'm going to ask an elementary question - how do you set it up to where the game acts as your GM, making trades and callups, and players are subject to injuries?

Thanks for your help!


When you start a new Franchise you have 3 options in the groups, respectively, COACHING TASKS, DEVELOPMENT TASKS and MANAGER TASKS. You can choose MANUAL or AUTO Manage. The things you mentioned would be under MANAGER TASKS.

If you've already started a Franchise you can select individual tasks to be Auto/Manual by going to Settings (the sprocket looking icon in the upper right hand corner of the main screen) then USER SETTINGS - then MODE SPECIFIC.

INJURIES have to be set to "ON". to occur. Use the same sprocket icon then USER SETTINGS, then GAMEPLAY, then LB/RB to GENERAL, then LT/RT to ADVANCED. You should see INJURIES 8 options down.


Thank you!