I threw a perfect game*



First game I played someone in CS. It was horrible. He had Feller. I had Crochett. None of us could hit a [censored] thing. I had a full “live” line up as to beat the mission. Top of the 5th Tatis hits a bomb for my second hit and I go 1-0 up. He plays out the 5th. He wasn’t bad. He was getting a few to the warning track. But then he gave up.
Crochett perfect through 5

It was a horrible game.

Second game, Cabrera on the mound I go 4-0 up after 3 innings and at the top of the 4th he plays out and can’t get near Cabrera. (Cabrera is a horrible pitcher to face- my least favourite)

So there we have it. A combined perfect game.

I don’t think I’ll ever get anyone playing out the full 9 if they’re at risk. They won’t let it happen

So the point of this post is -

Has anyone actually done a full 9 inning perfect against someone?


Yes - MLB 20 with walker buehler. However, it was in the 400s against someone who swung at just about everything. I thought it was cool but it wasn't as meaningful as beating a tough opponent.