Is this the way it works on RS


I just started DD. Had been playing Franchise and RttS since April.

Decided to play a couple RS games. I've got 2 Diamonds in my lineup. Couple silvers, the rest gold. Starters are all low 80's gold.

I've discovered when I'm playing loaded Diamond teams they get really frustrated and quit early on me. I haven't got through the 2nd inning with the last 2 high Diamond opponents.

First guy quits because Lorenzo Cain singles and steals a base in the first inning. He just quits.

The game I just finished I started 81 Gold Severino. 1st inning I strike out the side. Turnbull, his pitcher, shuts me down quickly. 2nd inning Guerrero hits a perfect and Cain runs it down at the wall. Disconnect.

Is there something about this game that scares people away early? Frustration because they can't just tee off on my 81 pitcher? And, actually, the way he was hitting I've got to believe he would have eventually destroyed Severino with that lineup he had.

I'm not very good and my lineup, compared to everyone I played, is really bad.


You are in the lowest level of ranked seasons where there is no penalty if you quit, only at 400 and above there is. The higher you go, the less quits


Enjoy the lower rank whole you can. You won't get that as often the higher you go


That first run in RS is the best. Just demolishing people the first 5 or so games 😂.

Once you get into the 500s area, people will usually at least stick around until they’re down by 5 or so runs.


Once I get into the 600s in a season I dial back on RS play quite a bit. I'm simply not a WS player and it isn't as much fun playing beyond that point. I basically aim to play 162 RS games total spread out over a pretty long time period of the year.