Can we possibly get a dev to chime in and let us know about the following:

On another thread, it has been stated by a community member that and duplicates (no matter how they are obtained) of ANY locked in card can ONLY be Quick Sold.

By that remark, if I would buy Trout and lock him in; then eventually get him from a shop pack, or an After Game Reward; I would only be able to get 5K for him.

Is this true? And if so, will it eventually be patched/fixed?

This could have a HUGE bearing on whether or not people complete collections, buy stubs, buy packs, or even buy off the market.


I think some of us were having that problem off and on. Since about Wednesday, I have been able to sell all duplicates on the market that didn’t come from those silly TA packs that most people only get once they’ve already completed the team set. I think the next update will even allow us to exchange or QS those, so that’s a step in the right direction.